Grant Garmezy Create Realistic Animal Sculptures Out Of 2,300-Degree Glass

For almost ten years I have been making sculptural glass objects with the intention of pushing the boundaries of glass sculpting to create something new and original.

Through this series, I wanted to recreate the idea of the hunter’s trophy using glass. Hot glass is an amazing material in that it can look look like any other material in the world – fur, wood, metal, stone, ice, fire, water – and the list goes on. I use this unique aspect of glass to help bring these trophies to life. By catching movement and adding spectacular color, I tried to create pieces that were recognizable yet spectacular.



male mouthbrooding jawfish — such as the mottled (seen in the fifth photo with spikes on the side of its head from a fireworm attack), the yellowhead, the banded, and the cardinalfish seen here —  use their mouths to protect their eggs until the fry hatch. 

mouthbrooding fish are able to produce smaller numbers of offspring with a higher chance of survival than species that offer no broodcare. the males, however, are not able to eat during this period of incubation (which can last anywhere from one to three weeks), but will open their mouths, spitting the eggs out and then sucking them back in to keep them clean and aerated. 

photos by (click pic) nicolas terryshigeru harazaki, steven kovacs, keri wilk, michael patrick oneilll and marcello di francesco 



Sideshow: Court of the Dead - Gallevarbe Death’s Siren

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